Eli Meyerhoff (Minnesota), Elizabeth Johnson (Wisconsin), and Bruce Braun (Minnesota): Time and the University. Robert Rhoads (UCLA): The U.S. Research University as a Global Model: Some Fundamental Problems to Consider. Study abroad? Why American students head north. What country has the best higher education system? A World Bank study titled The Road to Academic Excellence: The Making of World Class Research Universities finds that new universities can grow into top quality research institutions within two or three decades when academic talent, financial resources and governance — particularly autonomy and academic freedom — are present from the start. From The Guardian, it was meant to bring rigour to the tricky question of who deserves a grant or a post, but is the h-index's numerical score simplistic? From LRB, when what is real, in relation to university education, is student demand and jobs in the future — a pair of premises about as fictional as you can get — what are we to say in favour of the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake? A review of What Are Universities For? by Stefan Collini (and more).