Robert Knox (LSE): Civilising Interventions? Race, War and International Law. You can download a series of chapters from Listening to the Better Angels of Our Nature: Ethnicity, Self-Determination, and the American Empire by David Steven Cohen. When to intervene: Does the responsibility to protect doctrine allow for the toppling of regimes? Amitai Etzioni wonders. Does America have a responsibility to stop mass killings? You can download Living With the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order by Kenneth Anderson. The first chapter from America's Mission: The United States and the Worldwide Struggle for Democracy by Tony Smith. Oliver Hotham and Robert Hainault go head to head over the merits/disadvantages of a United States actively involved in the world. Why is American foreign policy so religious? Democracy and empire: Liberal religion can nurture the weakened democratic spirit and push back against the forces of empire. A review of American Insurgents: A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism by Richard Seymour (and more). Do Americans love war? Robert Kagan says the U.S. wages wars because the American people want them (and more on Dangerous Nation). Benjamin Runkle on a history of U.S. military manhunts (and more).