Caroline Howarth (LSU) et al: “It’s only other people who make me feel black”: Acculturation, Identity and Agency in a Multicultural Community. What is the real legacy of colonialism? Atrocities committed as Britain's imperial rule ended have been revealed in newly published documents. Highland Games: Geoffrey Wheatcroft on the Scottish threat to Britain. On Britishness: Britain is a bewilderingly motley nation of phlegmatic grumblers — a seaside resort-going, class-conscious people haunted by loss of empire, and we can’t even agree on what the country is called. There is no “British” higher education system, argues Alan Trench: there are four. Britain should break free from its delusion and adjust to the realities of its global position. A review of Enoch at 100: a Re-evaluation of the Life, Politics and Philosophy of Enoch Powell. Robert Colls asks what British identity is — and what it is not. Breaking up is good to do: John McAllion makes the socialist case for an independent Scotland. A review of National Belonging and Everyday Life: The Significance of Nationhood in an Uncertain World by Michael Skey.