Grace Byron

  • Anti-Hero

    ARE WE ALLOWED TO ENJOY THIS? Chicks and dicks, fags and chicken thighs? Sarah Lucas’s sculptures use corner-store staples—bananas, cigarettes, a cucumber or two—to usher frisky innuendo into staid institutions. In the foreword to HAPPY GAS, a new book accompanying Lucas’s massive London retrospective, Alex Farquharson, the director of Tate Britain, writes: “Binary gender differences are exaggerated to the point of absurdity—no artists’ oeuvre is as populated with penises and breasts—then transgressed and undermined.”

    Lucas doesn’t always expose her subjects in flagrante—the act itself is left

  • Pippa Garner: $ell Your $elf

    AFTER BEING KICKED OUT of art school for creating a model car with human legs that looked like it was pissing on a map of Detroit, the Conceptual artist Pippa Garner built her infamous Backwards Car (1973–74), reconfiguring a 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne to drive trunk-first. On its maiden voyage, drivers were stunned: “I could have caused a fifty-car pileup without breaking the law. Terrorism meets art,” Garner later said. Her cars-as-sculpture, gizmos, and sketches are documented in $ell Your $elf, a new book released through Pioneer Works Press in conjunction with a major retrospective at Art