Tangled Up in America

Bob Dylan In America BY Sean Wilentz. Doubleday. Hardcover, 400 pages. $28.
The cover of Bob Dylan In America

Dear Bob Dylan,

I hope this finds you well. You don't know me. My name is Rhett Miller. I make albums as a solo artist and as the front man for a band called Old 97's. I am like you, at least in that I've dedicated my postadolescent life to writing songs and singing them for folks. I write you now to pay my respects (much as you did to one of your heroes all those years ago in "Song to Woody"), to thank you for giving so much of yourself, and to ask you: What are we to do now? Here, at this late date, at the tip-top of the Tower of Babel, with all these voices shouting and so few listening, what are we to do? [more].