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Welcome to the Sep/Oct/Nov 2022 issue of Bookforum! In this edition, read: Meghan O’Rourke on Lynne Tillman’s new memoir about the challenges of looking after a sick parent; Lucy Sante on Emmanuel Carrère’s latest, which the author intended to be a short best-seller about a yoga retreat but instead ended up being about his mental breakdown; Moira Donegan on a pre-Roe abortion service run by Chicago activists; Charlie Tyson on Darryl Pinckney’s coming-of-age memoir that doubles as a tribute to Elizabeth Hardwick; an interview with Namwali Serpell about storytelling, grief, and experiential fiction; Beatrice Loayza on French film critic Serge Daney’s restless, omnivorous writings; Hannah Zeavin on Lauren Berlant’s posthumous study of inconvenience and attachment; Jane Hu on British novelist Gwendoline Riley’s oeuvre; and much more.

Plus: book recommendations from novelists and critics, including Sheila Heti, Ed Park, Adelle Waldman, Torrey Peters, Karan Mahajan, and Nell Zink.

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Lynne Tillman, New York, October 1990. Bob Berg/Getty Images
Lynne Tillman, New York, October 1990. Bob Berg/Getty Images