Werner Herzog, years before meeting with comparatively tame fans at Comic—Con.

Werner Herzog was spotted at Comic-Con: “I have never seen the collective dreams all in one place,” he remarked.

Mental Floss rounds up the fifteen of the best words with no English equivalent, including ‘gumusservi’ (Turkish for moonlight shining on water), ‘kummerspeck’ (German for weight gained by emotional overeating; literally translates to ‘bacon grief’), and ‘slampadato,’ the Italian term for tanning-bed addiction.

The Guardian complains that straightforward facts are ruining history books.

Novelist Jeffrey Eugenides’s read at the Paris Review offices on Thursday with a black eye and stitches. Why? As the New York Post reports in “Author Socked by Train Drunk,” Eugenides was heading home on public transportation earlier this week when “a pair of inebriated idiots” began loudly talking, and then singing, about their genitals. When an offended passenger asked them to stop and was rudely refused, Eugenides intervened and got socked in the ensuing scuffle.

Sasha Frere-Jones remembers Amy Winehouse.