Etgar Keret

Editor and critic Parul Seghal has left Publishers Weekly to become an associate editor for NPR.

"If you’re going to hit somebody, hit a professor”—poet Geoffery G. O'Brien defends Occupy Cal during a confrontation between police and UC Berkeley students. As O'Brien reports: "The cop said, ‘you want some?’ It was a rhetorical question, and I was hit viciously in the ribs and went to the ground.”

Tonight at The Tank in Manhattan, author Jeff Sharlet will be joined by performance artist Reverend Billy (Bill Talen) to discuss Occupy Wall Street, Talen’s new book The Reverend Billy Project, and Sharlet’s latest book, Sweet Heaven When I Die.

In an interview with the Browser, New Yorker music critic Alex Ross calls music writing a “very inexact and idiosyncratic science.” He is working on his third book, Wagnerism, about the famous composer, so it is not surprising that he includes Nietzsche’s late work The Case of Wagner among his top five books about music. A more surprising favorite: Wilfred Mellers’s Music in a New Found Land.

Chinua Achebe has turned down a Nigerian national honor for the second time in eight years, saying that the government remains too corrupt for him to accept the award.

FSG Originals and BOMB Magazine are teaming up for something called Something Out of Something, a design contest that invites participants to come up with images inspired by Israeli short story writer and filmmaker Etgar Keret. The winner will get $500 and will be featured in one of Keret’s stories or films.