Kim Jon-Il

In honor of Dear Leader's death, The New York Times's Arts Beat blog compiles a North Korea-themed reading list. While most of the books on the list are about the country, one or two were written by Kim Jong-Il himself, including The U.S. Imperialists Started the Korean War.

The Nieman Lab profiles Owni, "first media outlet in France to sell ebooks as part of its core editorial output." The article is part of a Nieman Reports series on the evolving relationship between journalism and the increasingly tech-friendly publishing industry.

At the Paris Review blog, Shalom Auslander laments the fact that his editor wouldn't let him title his forthcoming novel The Diary of Anne Frankenstein (It's called Hope: A Tragedy instead).

Scholastic is hoping that "Infinity Ring," a seven-book series on time travel (with an online game component) geared for 8-12 year-olds, will be the next Harry Potter.

Actor Viggo Mortenson has started a publishing house dedicated to "showcasing the talents of little-known authors and artists who might otherwise go undiscovered." Perceval Press is based in Santa Monica, California, and in addition to books, also puts out CDs.

In honor of the holidays, Jon Cotner and Claire Hamilton ask twenty-five New Yorkers to share their holiday wishes. The slideshow is up at The Hairpin.