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Apr 9, 2013 @ 12:57:00 am

Pablo Neruda

The New York Times profiles Mellow Pages, a DIY bookstore in far-flung Brooklyn that stocks around 1,300 books by small presses and mostly unknown writers.

The latest issue of New York Magazine takes stock of the state of the media with a special section dedicated to its past, present and future. Mark Danner interviews NYRB founder Bob Silvers on the magazine’s fifty-year history; Frank Rich assesses the declining profit margins of print newspapers, and Andrew Rice considers the charge that BuzzFeed is nothing more than “a super-big ad tech company with a journalism veneer.”

It’s a big month for the Paris Review: their annual revel is tomorrow, and in two weeks, they’re set to move from their current Tribecca location to a new office in Chelsea.

Moby Lives reads between the lines of e-book pricing.

Amazon will publish a bilingual edition of a Cornish/English children’s book following an outcry over the paucity of languages available on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

A team of Chilean scientists began excavating Pablo Neruda’s body yesterday in order to discover whether the poet was poisoned by the Pinochet regime. While Neruda’s official cause of death in 1973 was recorded as prostate cancer, suspicions about foul play arose two years ago, when Neruda’s former driver stated that the poet’s health began to deteriorate after doctors injected him with a mysterious substance. Neruda was considered an opponent of the regime, and was close to ousted president Salvador Allende.