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Apr 17, 2013 @ 5:40:00 pm

Michael Pollan

Just in time for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, the LAT has rolled out an interactive map of literary Los Angeles.

There’s stiff competition this year for the Women’s Prize for Fiction (formerly known as the Orange Prize). The shortlist includes Barbara Kingsolver, Kate Atkinson, AM Homes, Maria Semple, and Zadie Smith.

The Boston police weren’t the only ones to consider the Boston Marathon as a possible terrorist target. In 2002, novelist writer Tom Lonergan published Heartbreak Hill: The Boston Marathon Thriller, which came with this description: “The trouble with most terrorists is they think too small. This is the message Boston police receive days before fifteen thousand runners and two and a half million spectators descend on the city for the marathon. Even bin Laden only killed thousands. What if the target was larger? What if millions were at risk?”

Hey Michael Pollan, what did you eat when you were a kid? “Often I would have toaster waffles for breakfast growing up. Or Pop-Tarts. All that crap. My mother was, and is, a very good cook, but she was not a monastic eater and we had our share of junky products. I would come home from school and polish off a box of Yodels. Remember Yodels? Foiled-wrapped cylinders of chocolate cake and cream. They were excellent. I don’t know if they’re around anymore.” New York Magazine interviews the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and more recently, Cooked, which Bookforum reviews in our April/May issue.