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Nov 8, 2010 @ 9:00:00 am

Nicole Krauss, photo by Joyce Ravid.

WWD details the rivalry between Hugo Lindgren, the new editor of the New York Times Magazine, and his former boss, New York magazine's Adam Moss. Lindgren asks: “Did you see this week’s issue [of New York]? They had one of our writers in there. They had pretty much our subject matter across the magazine. It’s totally good, though. What makes it good? Why are the Mets and Yankees spending so much money to put the best team out on the field? Because they don’t want to be the second best team in New York."

The New Republic is turning ninety-six years old this week, and to celebrate they're asking editors and writers to select their favorites from the TNR's archives. But why not just hold out another four years and celebrate the centennial? As TNR's Jonathan Chait writes: "by the 100th anniversary, we’ll be living under the Palin regime, where all forms of reading will have been forgotten, and we’ll all be wearing animal skins and subsisting on wild plants. So, before that happens, enjoy!"

The reader meets author encounter at a book signing is often an awkward and fleeting exchange: The author scribbles his or her name and offers some self-effacing platitudes and pleasantries, before a bookstore minder rushes the line along to the next awestruck admirer. But when blogger Bill Ryan approaches writers, book in hand, he has a different purpose in mind: He wants to be Insulted by Authors.

Behold the glamorous international extravaganza of the Not the Booker prize award ceremony.

Nicole Krauss and Cynthia Ozick are conversing tonight at the 92nd Street Y. Krauss is the author most recently of the novel Great House and Ozick just published a new fiction, Foreign Bodies, which aims to be a "photographic negative" of Henry James's book The Ambassadors, where "the plot is the same, the meaning is reversed."