paper trail

Feb 28, 2011 @ 9:00:00 am

Lorin Stein, photo by Deidre Schoo for The New York Times

Famed blogger Andrew Sullivan is leaving The Atlantic to move to the Daily Beast/Newsweek.

Paris Review editor Lorin Stein gets the luxe treatment in the Times weekend Fashion and Style page, which lovingly details the retro Rolodex and “neat bowel of paper clips” on his desk, follows Stein through a busy night of socializing, and deems him “an unlikely sex symbol” (helpfully noting that “among New York’s literary crowd, being pale, thin and occasionally bespectacled doesn’t count against you”). Style points aside, the Review has never been better: The spring issue is arriving on newsstands now.

We were excited to learn that Laurie Week’s much anticipated novel Zipper Mouth—stuck in limbo since its original publisher Alyson Books reorganized—will be published by the Feminist Press this fall.

Christopher Hitchens’s mother used to say “The one unforgivable sin is to be boring”, and Hitchens’s Memoir, Hitch-22, is anything but. As part of the National Book Critics Circle’s 31 Books in 31 Days, critic Eric Banks reviews Hitchens’s remembrance, a strong contender in the NBCC award’s best autobiography category.

Tonight at Barnes and Noble, novelist Sam Lipsyte discusses author Stanley Elkin with Elkin biographer David Dougherty.