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Mar 2, 2011 @ 9:00:00 am

Frank Rich

The new issue of The Believer includes the 2010 editors' shortlist for their annual Book Award (GalleyCat has assembled a collection of links to the finalists), as well as a new Poetry Award.

In Tunisia and Egypt, books banned by the recently ousted regimes are back on the shelves.

New York magazine’s Adam Moss has lured New York Times stalwart Frank Rich away from the paper after a long career. Rich says of the appointment by his old buddy Moss: “The role Adam has created for me at his revitalized New York Magazine will allow me to write with more reflection, variety, and space than is possible within the confines of a weekly newspaper column.” Meanwhile, the Times has been busy revamping its Sunday Magazine, with recenly hired editor Hugo Lindgren at the helm—the result will debut this weekend. Lindgren says he’s hoping to lend the magazine “a little bit more of an improvisational, we-just-did-it-this-week kind of feeling;" Yahoo News’ Cut Line blog has a preview of what’s new.

Shelley Jackson’s Skin project, which has been ongoing since 2003, asks people to tattoo a word from a Jackson story on their body, and nearly 1,500 volunteers have participated so far. Yesterday at the Berkeley Art Museum, Jackson unveiled an intriguing sub-plot: A video version of a new story made by editing together video footage of some of the tattoos, one that anyone can remix and rewrite using clips from YouTube.