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May 20, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

Jon Jon Goulian

Stephanie Madoff-Mack is writing a memoir of her experiences with the family of Bernard L. Madoff (she was married to Mark Madoff, who committed suicide after his father's Ponzi scheme came to light). The book will be published by Blue Rider Press in December.

Why did QVC home-shopping channel mogul John Malone offer to buy Barnes and Noble for one billion dollars in cash? It’s an offer that the Wall Street Journal calls “Insane.”

Dale Peck explains why authors and readers need to fight the publishing industry as we know it. “It’s time writers thought of themselves as an army rather than a city under siege.”

“He’s always been a kind of crazy free spirit,” Katie Roiphe tells the New York Times in an article about lit-party fixture and skirt-wearing memoirist Jon Jon Goulian. “When I say crazy, I mean actually crazy.”

Back in the 1920s, an anonymous New Yorker writer lobbied in a series of articles for the right to smoke in the New York Public Library: “Smoking as a habit with both sexes is now a generation old. We always feel that authorities who have not yet recognized this fact are pathetically living in the past.”

Fiction writer Daniel Orozco’s story “Orientation” covers everything you need to know on your first day on the job: “If you have one hour of work in your in-box, you must expand that work to fill the eight-hour day. That was a good question. Feel free to ask questions. Ask too many questions, however, and you may be let go.”

Saturday afternoon at the NYPL, the Believer presents a panel on the art of the interview (sadly, there will be no smoking allowed) featuring the Paris Review’s editor Lorin Stein, TV chat host and columnist Dick Cavett (!), poet and editor Kenneth Goldsmith, and New York Times author Claudia Dreifus. Believer interview editors Sheila Heti and Ross Simonini will moderate the discussion. Later that day, artist and author Chris Kraus will be screening two films and presenting a new text at Real Fine Arts in Brooklyn.