paper trail

Jun 3, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

Hans Keilson, photo by Jürgen Bauer.

Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck is launching an imprint called Mercury Ink with Simon & Schuster.

On Tuesday, the novelist, child psychologist, and former member of the Dutch Resistance Hans Keilson died at age 101. Last year, he enjoyed a literary revival, with his books Comedy in a Minor Key (published in English for the first time) and Death of an Adversary both hailed as masterpieces. The Believer ran a superb profile of Keilson (by author-translator Damion Searls), which is now available online.

n+1 has a new online store, which include digital editions of all their back issues. Revisit or discover great articles such as: Elif Batuman’s debut in issue 2, Carla Blumenkranz on Gawker, Wesley Yang on pick-up artists, and more.

Now that we know when obscene words got into the New Yorker, Calvin Trillin explains how he got some of them there. It wasn’t easy: William Shawn once balked at the phrase “mother jumpers.”

Take a stroll around New York City with Jon Cotner, coauthor of Ten Walks/Two Talks, and impress skeptical citizens with Cotner’s specially designed phrases like “That’s a good-looking dog.” According to Cotner “These lines shatter—open up—daily reality. Anonymity dissolves. Spontaneous societies arise.”