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Jun 6, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

Groucho Marx

The legendary literary journal Open City recently released their last issue, but thankfully have an anthology forthcoming—a volume of more than eight-hundred pages of works by essential writers like Sam Lipsyte, Ed Park, Mary Gaitskill, Rivka Galchen, and many more. Meanwhile, No Near Exit, another must-read anthology selected from a decade of Post Road magazine, in which writers pick their favorite pieces, is also in the works—the two books provide essential summer reading, and will surely lead to finding new favorite authors to keep you busy all year long.

Groucho Marx in a letter to the heretofore-unknown hunk T. S. Eliot: “I had no idea you were so handsome. Why you haven’t been offered the lead in some sexy movies I can only attribute to the stupidity of the casting directors.”

There’s a new Tin House summer issue.

V. S. Naipaul recently made some unsavory comments about women writers that are probably best just to ignore. After all, why encourage him? However, he did bring up the notion that it’s easy to detect a passage written by a woman, which is news to us. But, maybe you know better: See for yourself.

The Brooklyn indie publisher Akashic Books has a hit on their hands with the surprise bestseller, Go the Fck to Sleep, which has sold a staggering amount of copies. Publisher Johnny Temple keeps the unexpected success in perspective: “It’s a total fluke . . . But we’re going to keep doing the kind of books we’ve always done. Now we’ll just have a little more money to spend.” Next up: Nightmare Noir: Books by Kids Traumatized by Obscene Bedtime Stories?