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Jun 10, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

George Saunders

The New York Review of Books has announced a conference to celebrate the life and work of historian Tony Judt, which is scheduled to take place June 23-25 in Paris.

“I hammer it out sentence by sentence and it takes a long time. That's what the work is, right? To make the reader think it is not hard to do.” The Guardian profiles Janet Malcolm.

The Iowa Writers’ Workshop—the MFA program that has launched thousands of careers—turns seventy-five.

Google has a new feature that makes it easier to track down some authors’ online work [via the Book Bench].

Bomb has published part 2 of its spectacular interview with George Saunders, who states that going to writing school made his fiction worse (then better), wonders if contemporary story writers are “too specialized/dark/mopey,” and recalls the day he realized that imitating Hemingway was not enough: “Living in Amarillo, Texas, working as a groundsman at an apartment complex, with strippers for pals around the complex, goofball drunks recently laid off from the nuclear plant accosting me at night when I played in our comical country band, a certain quality of West Texas lunatic-speak I was hearing, full of way off-base dreams and aspirations—I just couldn’t hear that American in Hem-speak.”