paper trail

Jun 17, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

Geoff Dyer

“My only concern is with the future of long-form prose writing and how people want it and how we’re going to connect the reader to the book—whether they want it electronically or in print.” Ethan Nosowsky, the talented Graywolf Press editor who helped usher Geoff Dyer’s latest essay collection, Otherwise Known as the Human Condition into print, reflects on publishing's next step.

Bizarre lunch triangle: You can now bid on the opportunity to dine out with Slavoj Zizek and Julian Assange.

What’s the story behind the shocking novel Histoire d’O?

The OED gets an update: New words for June include auto-complete, babe, and brain candy. And the phrase “use it or lose it” has been added to the use entry (the sassy motto actually dates back to 1887); “you snooze you lose” is sure to be added posthaste.

Now that Anthony Weiner has resigned (what, you haven't heard?), we’re hoping for an updated version of Laura Kipnis’s sassy and incisive book, How to Become a Scandal, to explain what the heck just happened and why everyone paid attention.