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Jun 30, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

Dorothy Parker

Was Shakespeare a stoner?

Oxford ditches the comma, deeply annoying the spirit of David Foster Wallace. “[Wallace] is the only writer ever to convince (or even try to convince) the famously stubborn Times copy desk that we should temporarily ignore the paper’s famous serial-comma rule—the paper doesn’t use them; this really drove David nuts.”

Chris Suellentrop quits NYT Magazine to join Yahoo News.

On July 2, the Publication Studio is throwing a “collaborative event” at the Brooklyn Grange Farm, “a zero chemical input commercial urban farm located on a New York City rooftop.”

Penguin goes iTunes classics.

On Facebook, Parul Sehgal revisits a classic missive from Dorothy Parker: “This is instead of telephoning because I can’t look you in the voice...”