paper trail

Nov 16, 2011 @ 4:00:00 am

An eerily empty Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning.

Did New York City police destroy some of the People’s Library when they raided Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning? Protesters think so; but the city insists that the 5,554 books (at least some of them) are safely being stored at the 57th Street Sanitation Garage. Meanwhile, writers are planning to convene in the park at 6 p.m. tonight to rebuild the library.

Novelist Ben Ehrenreich compiles a Spotify playlist of the songs he listened to while writing his novel Ether.

Salman Rushdie gripes on Twitter about Facebook deactivating his account for using the name on his passport: Ahmed Rushdie.

The Los Angeles Times publishes its first e-book, an expanded version of staffer Christopher Goffard's story about a controversial assault case involving a Las Vegas banker.

Bloomberg makes the case that Borders didn’t go bankrupt because it lost customers at a local level; it went bankrupt because at the corporate level, “for the past decade and a half, Borders seems to have been in the business of making mistakes.”

HarperCollins employees are holding a rally tomorrow to align themselves with Occupy Wall Street and fight cuts from parent company News Corp. According to a flier spotted in New York: "Management wants to eliminate guaranteed wage increases, double the cost of health benefits and eviscerate layoff and seniority protection."