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May 9, 2012 @ 12:41:00 am

Cheryl Strayed

The Irish National Library has digitized rare James Joyce manuscripts and put them online for the first time. The papers, which were closed guarded by Joyce’s son, James, entered the public domain last January, and consist of three main parts: The Circe episode of Ulysses, drafts of Finnegans Wake from 1923, and a collection known as the Joyce Papers which span 1903 to 1928. And the Irish Times has already provided footnotes: “A reader may well be relieved to learn that the Finnegans Wake documents can be safely ignored, or at least left for much later attention; they are mostly page proofs with some pretty modest corrections... It is in the other two categories, the “early notes” and the Ulysses notes and drafts, that the real meat of the collection is to be found.”

Cheryl Strayed talks with Bookslut about her heroin use, mother's death, the subsequent thousand-mile hike, and what it's like to have Reese Witherspoon buy the rights to your memoir.

Salman Rushdie, Art Spiegelman, Jonathan Lethem, and seven hundred other writers, scholars, publishers and artists have sent the New York Public Library a letter letting library officials know that they’re not happy about the $300 million renovation of the 42nd Street flagship branh.

Rock stars die at 27; publishers die at 82 (Note the sidebar).

A public memorial for Barney Rosset was held at Cooper Union on Wednesday. Red Lemonade publisher Richard Nash tweeted the blow-by-blow.

Congratulations to Parul Sehgal for landing a cool new job at the New York Times Book Review.

The Buenos Aires Book Fair—the largest fair in Latin America—closed on Monday after attracting 1.3 million visitors. Publishing Perspectives has the full report.