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A profile of worker-owned NYC news site Hell Gate; N. Scott Momaday on poetry

N. Scott Momaday

The New York Times profiles Hell Gate, a New York City news site that is owned by the journalists who work there. Founded in 2021 by veterans of publications like Gothamist, the Village Voice, and Jezebel, Hell Gate is dedicated to “that thing every New Yorker has passed walking down the street, that fleeting, only-in-New-York moment that everyone wonders about but doesn’t understand.”  

Dana Canedy, a senior vice president and publisher at Simon & Schuster is leaving the company. Canedy will be working on a sequel to her memoir, A Journal for Jordan, which S&S is planning to publish. Canedy made news last year when she landed a memoir by Mike Pence in a two-book deal. 

Porochista Khakpour has announced that she’s joined the Los Angeles Review of Books as a senior editor.  You can read Khakpour’s writing for Bookforum here

Chris Powers considers the work of French author Emmanuel Carrère for the New Statesman. Carrère’s latest book, Yoga, will be published in the US in August. 

At The Millions, an interview with the Pulitzer-winning novelist N. Scott Momaday. The author has gravitated towards poetry in recent years, and he discusses his craft with Alex Dueben: “I think that my ancestors were conversant with an oral tradition and they perfected their expression in one way. I have that in my background along with the formal study of poetry.”   

Australian reporter Lynne O'Donnell has alleged that the Taliban threatened and detained her and asked to reveal sources on a recent trip to Afghanistan.