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A rare Samuel Beckett recording surfaces; Lisbeth Salander returns; Lillian Ross revisits a hatchet job

Samuel Beckett

Only around five recordings of Samuel Beckett’s voice are known to exist. This forthcoming documentary—about the making of Beckett’s first and only feature film, starring Buston Keaton and usefully titled Film—includes one of them. Directed by Ross Lipman, a filmmaker and restoration specialist, the documentary, cleverly titled NotFilm, features a wealth of archival material, including photographs from location scouts, film footage, and rare bits of dialogue between Beckett and the director Alan Schneider.

Quercus, publisher of the late Stieg Larsson’s astronomically bestselling Millenium trilogy, has announced plans to continue to the series. Apparently, Larsson had mapped out a total of ten books starring the cyber-sleuth Lisbeth Salander, and was at work on the fourth at the time of his death. Quercus has now hired David Lagercrantz, a journalist and the author of a biography about a Swedish soccer star, to write the next installment, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015.

Sixty-three years ago, Lillian Ross wrote a New Yorker profile about Ernest Hemingway, which many of her peers and colleagues characterized as a “hatchet job.” Hemingway loved it, the two writers became friends, and his prose style eventually grew on her. Here, Ross returns to annotate the piece: “I don’t judge," she writes. "There was one Hemingway, one and only. Just as there was only one J.D. Salinger. I was privileged to know both men, and to eventually write about both of them…. These men are just themselves. I love and respect that. Everything they said was of interest to me, and a joy.”

The New York Times debates whether Bob Dylan was a musician or poet.

The fretting has begun about a forthcoming movie about David Foster Wallace, which will star Jason Segel.

Shia LaBeouf has admitted that he's "embarrassed that [he] failed to credit" Daniel Clowes in a new film that bears many similarities to Clowes's 2007 comic "Justin M. Damiano."