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A slang term for a marijuana cigarette

The New Inquiry’s August issue, on the unseasonable theme of “Mourning,” is out. From the editors’ note: “A good death is the deal life made with us, or vice versa: a world of intensities and sensations, for the price of its end. But the ubiquity of colonial and capitalist murder breaks the pact between life and death by rendering both bleakly arbitrary.”

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Guernica “grows up,” according to The Rumpus. The online magazine has hired its first full-time publisher and has a print edition in the works.

Carrie Brownstein has agreed to write a screenplay based on the British “Lost in Austen” series. The movie will be about a Brooklyn woman in a Jane Austen world.

Sheila Heti gathers quotes from “great folks”—some dead, some not—for her ongoing Twitter series. She also interviews Joan Didion.

The Washington Post says “relax: the death of the bookshop has been greatly exaggerated.”

The Atlantic collates some of the Times’s dutiful explanations of slang over the years. A jay is a "slang term for a marijuana cigarette." Macking is "a slang term for making out." Acid is "a slang term for the drug LSD."

Greg Coleman has been named president of Buzzfeed.