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After Paris

Laila Lalami

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, the novelist Laila Lalami writes with urgency in The Nation about ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and Western governments.

And Buzzfeed has an account of the scene at Shakespeare and Company, the well-known bookstore where some twenty people were able to take refuge on Friday night.

Who owns Anne Frank?

The Guardian has an interview with Marilynne Robinson: “What saint is it that puts Foxe’s Acts and Monuments on the internet? I mean, the irony of a culture that truly supplies so much to be known and at the same time turns its back on the whole privilege of knowing—it’s amazing to me.”

In the new LRB, the latest instalment of Jenny Diski’s memoir about her cancer. And a fascinating essay by Jacqueline Rose on the trial of Oscar Pistorius.

If you missed this profile of Eli Horowitz, former publisher of McSweeney’s and now a would-be reinventor of books and storytelling, it’s worth a look.

Two longtime New York Times editors—Vanessa Gordon and Kyle Massey—were suddenly fired last week.

Tomorrow night at apexart on Church Street, you can catch the latest in the Double Take reading series, hosted by Bookforum editor Albert Mobilio: Three pairs of writers will each trade takes on something (in this case, borders, twins, and why New York writers love LA).