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Akhil Sharma rewrites his debut novel; The Getty has opened The Black History & Culture Collection

Akhil Sharma. Photo: Jack Llewellyn

For the New York Times, Wyatt Mason writes about Akhil Sharma, who rewrote his first novel, An Obedient Father, more than twenty years after it was published. 

The Wired union, which represents the staff at the technology magazine, has won its first contract after planning a strike. 

The Getty has opened The Black History & Culture Collection, a free resource of thirty thousand images from the Black diaspora in the US and UK. 

For The Nation, Lily Meyer writes about the late Danish author Tove Ditlevsen and the challenge of translating her unadorned, unsentimental work. Ditlevsen, best known for The Copenhagen Trilogy, has just had two new books reissued in English by FSG. Meyer writes, “Ditlevsen turns readers into uncomfortable but unblinking onlookers to forms of suffering that she herself knew intimately.”

Melissa Febos has sold a new book about celibacy, The Dry Season, to Knopf. 

Rax King, author of Tacky, is hosting “Girl City: Summer Edition,” with Raven Leilani, Davey Davis, Darcie Wilder, Delia Cai, and Larissa Pham on July 29th