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Amy Chozick writing memoir about Hillary Clinton; NBCC Awards finalists announced

Carmen Maria Machado. Photo: Tom Storm

Former Washington Post journalist and current Fox News host Howard Kurtz is working on a book about the Trump administration. Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War Over the Truth will be published by Regnery at the end of January. The Post’s Aaron Blake writes that Kurtz’s book could be “even more damning” than Fire and Fury. Excerpts from the book describe “a president who is acting haphazardly and without the guidance of his aides, making major allegations and policy decisions on whims,” Blake writes. “And the fact that it's how Trump is described by an oft-sympathetic Fox News host makes it ring even truer.”

Jhumpa Lahiri talks to the New Yorker about translation, immigration, and the similarities between her two homes: the US and Italy. “It really strikes me that the two countries I now shuttle between and consider home are places where xenophobia still thrives,” she said.