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An tech-journalism start-up implodes; George and Paula Saunders talk politics

George and Paula Saunders

After publishing an anti-Semitic cartoon in its international edition on Thursday, the New York Times has cancelled its contract with the company, CartoonArts International, who provided the image. The unnamed editor who decided to run the cartoon has been disciplined and Times publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, wrote to staff that the paper’s bias training would now include a focus on anti-Semitism.

Craig Popelars, a book publishing veteran who has worked for twenty-five years at Algonquin books, will become a publisher of Tin House. The Portland-based imprint is planning to expand its output from eighteen books a year to twenty-four.

The internal strife at the technology-watchdog site The Markup continues, as donor Craig Newmark (or Craigslist fame) decides what to do after most of the staff resigned in protest over the firing of founding editor-in-chief Julia Angwin. In a Vanity Fair story about the dust-up, a journalist who is friendly with Newmark observed: “He has this very earnest view about journalism, but then what he finds is that it’s a Bonfire of the Vanities, and we’re all insane egomaniacs.”

An internal hiring document from The Markup has leaked, showing that the site was numerically rating people on criteria such as “Famous?,” “Class,” “Justice seeking,” and “understands journalism; good at the craft of journalism.” At the Columbia Journalism Review, Mathew Ingram uses the spreadsheet to explore the ways in which the business at editorial sides of the publication were at war.

George and Paula Saunders talk to the Fiction/Non/Fiction podcast about literature, empathy, and the 2020 democratic primaries. George tells hosts Whitney Terrell and V.V. Ganeshananthan: “I would imagine this time around, you’re gonna need somebody on the left who can talk to the independent and the somewhat more left-leaning Trump voters, to have the courage and the heart to reach across the aisle and say, ‘I’m not gonna disqualify you because you voted for Trump. But let me talk to you for a minute about the things that really matter.”