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An update from the New Yorker Union; Matthew Salesses and Laura van den Berg on the craft of writing

Matthew Salesses

On Twitter, the New Yorker Union gives an update on their latest negotiations: “management came to the table empty-handed Wednesday, and, a couple of hours after we broke for a caucus, they told us they would not be providing any of the 20+ counterproposals we’re waiting on, aborting a bargaining session that was scheduled to last a full day.” The meeting came a week after the union enacted a twenty-four hour work stoppage.

Lit Hub explains what you need to know about Literati, a book-club service that recently raised $40 million dollars in investment funding.

The New York Times has named Cliff Levy as deputy managing editor for the paper’s audio division. Levy will work to develop policies to help vet audio stories, a task that has been inspired by the controversy around the podcast Caliphate, for which the Times had to issue major corrections.

The Point has launched a new series of short essays, “Forms of Life.” In the first set, writers Elisabeth Zerofsky, Joseph Keegin, and James Duesterberg offer thoughts on the aftermath of the Capitol riots.

Tonight, Brookline Booksmith hosts Matthew Salesses and Laura van den Berg for a discussion of writing. Salesses’s book Craft in the Real World addresses the ways in which traditional writer’s workshops are bound by white, male, Western cultural values that don’t serve marginalized voices.