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Andrea Long Chu on takedowns; Hadada prize to be awarded to Richard Ford

Andrea Long Chu

The Paris Review's Hadada prize will be awarded to novelist Richard Ford. The prize will be presented by Bruce Springsteen at the magazine’s annual Spring Revel.

Jean-Paul Dubois has won the Goncourt Prize for his novel All Men Do Not Live in the Same Way.

BuzzFeed News editor Karolina Waclawiak has sold a novel. Life Events, which follows “a woman entering middle age having failed at the life she felt obligated to pursue,” will be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux next spring.

“As someone known a bit for writing scathing negative reviews of things, I think I would be impressed if someone did that to me,” Andrea Long Chu tells The Nation about reviews of her recently published book, Females. “I don’t think I would be angry. I would be angry at limp dismissal. To be taken down, I’m sure, would be an honor.”

Nathan Scott McNamara reflects on millennial memoirs, homesickness, and the decline of rural America. “These writers and artists came of age during a time when it was hard—with drops in opportunity and stability, especially in rural America—to remain in the places where they grew up,” he writes of books like Jennifer Croft’s Homesick and Joanna Howard’s Return Era. “Each book conveys the effect of living with the expectations of an older generation, gleaning lessons along the way, and then being unable to implement many of those lessons in a materially shifted world.”

Lidija Haas talks to Ben Lerner about intergenerational trauma, autofiction, and his new novel, The Topeka School.

At the New York Times, John McDermott looks at the burgeoning community of writers and academics “we tried to cancel” who are now “all hanging out together” at websites like Quillette. “I’m an ambulance chaser for the canceled,” Quillette editor Jonathan Kay said.