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Andrew McCabe shops for a book deal

Jennifer Egan

Jennifer Egan notes the challenges facing the writers collective PEN America now. “At the core of PEN America’s advocacy have always been threats to free expression. Under the Trump administration we’re seeing more of those on our domestic front than most of us could have imagined five years ago. PEN America is uniquely equipped to fight these practices—after all, we’ve been calling out the tactics of repressive regimes for decades.“

Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe might be the focal point of an upcoming Justice Department criminal investigation, but that isn’t stopping him from meeting with publishers in the hopes of getting a book deal

The Brooklyn arts series Murmrr has announced its next author event: On May 2, Geoff Dyer will give a talk and a slide show about his latest book, The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand. It promises to be a delightfully interdisciplinary event: Interviewing Dyer will be director and writer Michael Almereyda, whose movies include Marjorie Prime. Tickets are available here.

Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post has written an article about Moira Donegan, the former New Republic staffer who created the Shitty Men in Media list. Says Sullivan: “She created a document to warn women of sexual harassers. It’s haunted her ever since.”

An article at Vox uses Sally Kohn’s new book about bigotry, The Opposite of Hate, to address the shortcomings of fact-checking in the publishing industry.