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Ariana Reines wins Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award; Naomi Fry on the Weinstein trial

Ariana Reines. Photo: Nicolas Amato

Ariana Reines has won the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award for her new collection, A Sand Book. Discussing her work with Sasha Frere-Jones for Bookforum last winter, Reines observed, “People have different kinds of understandings of form and structure and accuracy. This is especially true of an art like poetry, which is so liquid. It can be about anything, it can take any form, and you don’t have to pay anybody for equipment.”

At Poynter, Mel Grau details the nearly two-year fight at the Boston Globe for a better family-leave policy. Six women journalists led the effort, which ultimately granted ten weeks of paid leave for parents as well as six to eight weeks of additional time for birth mothers. As Grau writes, the reporters “felt strongly that for newsrooms to survive and thrive, they needed to create an environment where women could advance in leadership.”

At Literary Hub, Malcolm Harris offers a reading list, “Making Sense of a Bullshit Society,” with works by Marlon James, Ned and Constance Sublette, and Caitlin Zaloom.

At the New Yorker, Naomi Fry writes about the “moving, imperfect” conclusion of the Weinstein trial.

At Vanity Fair, Joe Pompeo outlines MSNBC’s efforts to be more positive about Bernie Sanders. Why the change of heart? Pompeo writes that a source inside the network gave him a simple answer: “He’s winning.”