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Becca Rothfeld on David Cronenberg; Sloane Crosley in conversation with Sigrid Nunez

Sloane Crosley. Photo: Jennifer Linvingston

Next Monday at Books Are Magic in Brooklyn Heights, novelist and essayist Sloane Crosley will discuss her new book Grief Is for People with Sigrid Nunez. The book is a memoir about Crosley losing her best friend to suicide. 

Read an excerpt from Bookforum contributor Becca Rothfeld’s debut essay collection, All Things Are Too Small, in the New Yorker. Discussing David Cronenberg’s body-horror films, sex, and the “interhuman,” Rothfeld writes: “Cronenberg must resort to drastic tactics if he is to remind his audience to want what the civilized world is bent on neutering, and fictionalization must trade in exaggeration if it is to awaken cravings that reality is frequently too thin to gratify. How to do justice to the longing for excess except excessively?”

Leaked emails between administrators at the Hugo Awards reveal that two authors, RF Kuang and Xiran Jay Zhao, were deemed ineligible for the shortlist of the 2023 award after “they were flagged for comments or works that could be viewed as sensitive in China,” where the award event was held that year for the first time. 

Anahid Nersessian has been named the new poetry editor of Granta, The Bookseller reports. Nersessian is the author, most recently, of Keats’ Odes: A Lover’s Discourse and is a regular contributor to the New York Review of Books.

Starting this year, the National Book Award will be open to non-citizens living long-term in the United States, US territories, or tribal lands.