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Long-time Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee has died

Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee, long-time editor of the Washington Post,died on Tuesday. He was ninety-three. Bradlee was in charge of the Post for twenty-six years, during which time the paper broke Watergate and won seventeen Pulitzers.

Vogue has an exclusive preview of Griffin Dunne’s new documentary about Joan Didion, We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live. A Kickstarter supporting the film has already raised more than half of its $80,000 goal. A $35 donation will be reciprocated with a handwritten list of Didion's twelve favorite books. A $50 donation comes with a PDF of her handwritten recipe book, and $2500 gets you a pair of her sunglasses.

The New York Times's recent buyout offer was aimed at encouraging about a hundred people on staff to leave; more than three times that have submitted requests. Employees who belong to the Guild are eligible for three weeks of pay for every year worked. Those who have worked for the paper for twenty years or more are also eligible for a bonus equal to 35 percent of their salary.

JSTOR is launching a daily publication online, with the intention of introducing general readers to its cache of academic journals.

Google is developing a new email interface called Inbox. Yesterday the first version was released, available by invitation only. The interface resembles a social-networking program, offering previews of messages on the home screen and allowing you to see photos without opening the messages containing them. It also automatically sorts messages, and is designed to integrate to-do lists and calendar items.

On Tuesday, Amazon and Simon & Schuster confirmed that they had reached an agreement about e-book pricing, one that Amazon said "creates a financial incentive for Simon & Schuster to deliver lower prices for readers.”