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Best books to read this summer;  Patrick Radden Keefe on the art of investigative journalism

Patrick Radden Keefe. Photo: Ilene Squires. 

At the New York Times, a roundup of eighty-eight books to read this summer, including picks in sports, music, travel, romance, cooking, and more.  

For Harper’s Magazine, Christian Lorentzen revisits the work of Christopher Hitchens as a new collection of his writing for the London Review of Books has just been published. Lorentzen observes that Hitchens’s “reputation is now weighted toward the work of his last decade—the turn right, the God bashing, and the public succumbing to cancer. It was during this era that he became a celebrity.” But, he writes, A Hitch In Time shows that his strongest work came earlier, in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Maris Kreizman, an author and host of the Maris Review podcast, has been named the books editor at Vulture. 

For The Nation, Maria Bustillos looks at a recent lawsuit by Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Wiley against the Internet Archive’s Open Library, an e-book lending platform. You can read a summary of the publishers’ argument in a June 10th filing here

The HarperCollins Union has announced a strike for tomorrow, June 20th. 

For ProPublica, an in-depth interview with New Yorker staff writer Patrick Radden Keefe on the craft of long-form investigative journalism. Radden Keefe’s new book, Rogues, has just been published.