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Best reviewed books of 2018; Celeste Ng on underappreciated writers

Celeste Ng. Photo: Kevin Day

Celeste Ng talks to the Times Literary Supplement about writing tics, favorite books, and how the work of women authors has been underappreciated for too long. “For hundreds of years, the work of women – and particularly women of colour – has been dismissed as trivial, domestic, or just generally ‘less’ than that of men,” she says. “I think we’re starting to realize how powerful – and needed – those voices actually are.”

LitHub and Book Marks collect the best reviewed books of 2018. Top picks include Ling Ma’s Severance, Zadie Smith’s Feel Free, Rachel Kushner’s The Mars Room, and more.

Gallery Books is publishing Olivia Newton-John’s memoir Don’t Stop Believin’ next March.

Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy says that 2018 was the company’s most successful year ever.

The Times looks at the near-daily media coverage of Walt Whitman’s impending death, which started four months before his actual death in March 1892.