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Bill Keller's "exit interview"; Irin Cameron on the limits of #MeToo reporting

Irin Carmon

At New York magazine’s Intelligencer, Irin Cameron wonders why the Washington Post killed her and Amy Britton’s story on 60 Minutes producer Jeff Fager’s history of sexual harassment. “I’d believed, in the fevered months of #MeToo, that journalism could swoop in where other institutions had failed to hold big-league abusers accountable,” she writes, recounting her story. “But what would unspool that spring was a lesson beyond any one story or media organization. It was about the limits, despite undeniable progress, of journalistic institutions to tell these stories of sexual misconduct.”

Politico global editor Matt Kaminski has succeeded John Harris as editor in chief of the publication. In a memo announcing the change, Robert Allbritton explained that Harris will stay with the company in a leadership role.

Departing Marshall Project editor Bill Keller sat down with Columbia Journalism Review’s Zainab Sultan for an “exit interview.”

Baby of the Family author Maura Roosevelt offers a reading list on complicated families.

At Medium’s science and tech publication OneZero, Britta Lokting looks at legacy marijuana publication High Times’s struggle to adapt to a new age of smoking culture. “The irony for High Times is that in an era of weed acceptance and even legalization, the flagship marijuana publication finds itself in a more precarious position than ever,” she writes. “Where the High Times visuals were once defined by slime-green fonts and Ice Cube in a cloud of smoke, modern weed culture can also include a pastel-tinged photo shoot of a cat in a beret with pink macarons for a piece on catnip dispensaries.”