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Brooklyn Book Festival lineup announced; Robert Macfarlane on claustrophobia

Robert Macfarlane. Photo: Bryan David Stevens

The lineup for this year’s Brooklyn Book Festival has been announced. One hundred and fifty authors will participate in the event this September, including Rebecca Traister, Meg Wolitzer, and N. K. Jemisin, and children’s book author Mo Willems will receive the “Best of Brooklyn” award.

Elvia Wilk talks to Otherppl about architecture, Berlin, and her new novel, Oval.

Literary Hub collects rejection letters received by famous writers—”some kind, some weird, some unbelievably harsh.”

The Guardian lists the best books about cults.

At Longreads, Tobias Carroll talks to Robert Macfarlane about darkness, claustrophobia, and his new book, Underland. “The claustrophobia about which I was writing was not only the literal experience of being in a catacomb crawl-space so tight I had to turn my skull sideways to proceed, but also — and much more interestingly — what might be called an Anthropocene claustrophobia,” he said. “The Earth is entering what feels like its possible end-game, at least as far as our species-presence here is concerned. We have become geological agents, our powers amplified by our numbers and our technologies, and among the consequences of this is a keen sense of time and space running out.”