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BuzzFeed staff form union; Valeria Luiselli on bilingual writing

Valeria Luiselli

Katie Couric is working on a memoir. In Unexpected, USA Today reports that “Couric plans to share details both ‘hilarious’ and ‘humiliating’ as she looks back on her prize-winning, 40-year career.” The book will be published by Little, Brown in 2021.

At Longreads, Lily Meyer talks to Valeria Luiselli about observation, how being bilingual affects her writing, and her new book, Lost Children Archive. “One language always has a word that’s more accurate. There are words that are exactly right, but the exact word doesn’t exist in the other language,” she said. “It forces you to sit and think until you come up with the best possible distillation of what you want to say. Bilingualism forces you to be creative in order to be as precise and clear as possible.”

McNally Jackson bookstore is not only staying in their original Soho location, but will open two more stores in the next year, Vulture reports.

Chris O’Leary lists books that influenced the work of David Bowie.

The cover of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s upcoming novel, The Water Dancer, has been released. It was designed by painter Calida Garcia Rawles, who plans to work with Coates “on a series of events” based around their respective works.

BuzzFeed News employees are forming a union. Employees have been organizing at the company since 2015, but were motivated by recent layoffs. “It’s not all fun and memes,” the group said in a statement. “Our staff has been organizing for several months, and we have legitimate grievances about unfair pay disparities, mismanaged pivots and layoffs, weak benefits, skyrocketing health insurance costs, diversity and more.”