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Carmen Maria Machado Is Writing a Horror Comic

Carmen Maria Machado, the author of story collection Her Body and Other Parties and the memoir In the Dream House, is writing a horror comic (a "Pennsylvania Gothic") titled The Low Low Woods, which will be published by DC comics.

The summer issue of Aperture magazine is devoted to "Orlando," a new exhibition curated by Tilda Swinton, which explores the themes of Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel. The magazine issue, which was edited by Swinton, features work by Eileen Myles, Lynne Tillman, Maggie Nelson, and other authors.

John Williams profiles Judith Gurewich, publisher of Other Press. Gurewich, who was born in Belgium and is trained as a Lacanian analyst, is known among her authors for her immersive editing process: She invites Other Press authors to her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for days at a time, during which the writers read their entire mauscripts aloud. "Judith made me feel both tense and relaxed at the same time,” says Michael Greenberg, whose Hurry Down Sunshine was published by Other Press in 2008. “And both the tension and the relaxation came from the quality of her attentiveness. It was self-confrontational, not confrontational between us. You would have to confront things as you would with an analyst. She would prompt you.”

Just after MacMillan's move to a new office in downtown Manhattan, CEO John Sargent recalls the publishing group's time in Manhattan's historic Flatiron Building. Along with old-world charm and mysterious stairways, the building presented challenging work environment: "The view from the top roof is amazing! But this isn’t a desk, this is a card table in what used to be a closet. They have put in new handmade balustrades! But the radiators are clanging so loudly I can’t think."

Critics at the New York Times have assembled a list of the fifty best memoirs of the past fifty years.