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Carrie Brownstein developing Hulu show based on memoir; Vox recognizes employee union

Carrie Brownstein

Peter Thiel, who funded Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, has submitted a bid to buy the defunct website. Reuters writes that administrators and lawyers from Gawker’s bankruptcy plan “have tried to block Thiel’s bid,” but that even if they are successful, “Thiel could ask the judge to consider it if it is higher than rival offers.”

Carrie Brownstein is working on a show for Hulu based on her memoir, Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl. Search and Destroy follows “a young woman, a band, and a community learning how to be unafraid of their own noise.”

Reporter Ronan Farrow has signed a three-year contract with HBO to “develop and front a series of investigative documentary specials.”

Vox Media management have chosen to recognize their employee union.

Mei Fong reflects on journalist Carrie Gracie’s resignation from the BBC over the outlet’s gender pay gap. Fong notes that the issue of gender pay discrimination is likely as bad or worse for female journalists abroad. “While there’s no accurate data comparing the numbers of male and female correspondents, it’s quite likely that the figures mirror or surpass those of general newsrooms, which are two-thirds male,” she writes. “Such imbalances are certainly reflected in journalism prizes, as Pulitzers for international reporting and even the Martha Gellhorn Prize—named for a female correspondent—go overwhelmingly to men.”

At The Outline, Leah Finnegan details the many ways in which Harper’s “completely fucking blew it” in their reaction to criticism about a piece by Katie Roiphe that was said to name the creator of the Shitty Media Men list. “They first fucked themselves when they hired Roiphe to write this piece, and then fucked themselves harder in their response to the irate readers expressing concern over Roiphe’s intentions and Donegan’s welfare,” she writes. “For Harper’s, the publisher of which has been infamously grumpy about the internet, to haughtily dismiss out-of-hand the angry statements of hundreds of people as ‘voices from the bog,’ well, that basically tells you all you need to know.”