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Chelsea Hodson on resisting categorization; "S-Town" gets film adaptation

Chelsea Hodson. Photo: Ryan Lowry

At BOMB, Alex Zafiris talks to Chelsea Hodson about vulnerability, love, and resisting categorization in her new essay collection, Tonight I’m Someone Else. “I think there is a tendency now to label and categorize everything, which inherently reduces the experience to one thing or another, which isn’t true to how I experience the moments of my life,” Hodson said. “I’m interested in using writing as a tool to explore nuances that are only detectable to me months or years later. These people and these moments stay with me, whether I want them to or not, so there is a lawlessness that comes with excavating them, dusting them off, and holding them in a new way.”

This American Life podcast S-Town is being turned into a movie. Spotlight director Tom McCarthy is in talks to direct and playwright Samuel Hunter could write the script. 

Amy Rose Spiegel has been hired as a senior editor at Broadly. Spiegel was most recently editor in chief of Talkhouse Music and has worked at BuzzFeed and Rookie.

For the Paris Review’s “Feminize Your Canon” series, Emma Garman recommends the work of British novelist Olivia Manning. Though she was a prolific writer, her books were not well known during her lifetime, unlike the work of her “archnemesis” Iris Murdoch. “Manning may have bristled at the notion that she was artistically ahead of her time; what use was that when she had bills to pay?” Garman writes. “But her spare, unsentimental, and sometimes highly original fiction, with its “unlikable” characters and documentarian’s realism, is more aligned with current tastes than Murdoch’s eccentric flights of fancy.”

Tonight at McNally Jackson in New York, Dorthe Nors presents her newly-translated novel Mirror, Shoulder, Signal.