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Claire-Louise Bennett and the literature of the supermarket

Claire-Louise Bennett

For The Baffler, Rhian Sasseen looks at Claire-Louise Bennett’s new novel Checkout 19 and the literature of the supermarket: “If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that it is in the aisles of the supermarket where society’s biggest problems and anxieties mingle.”

The Guardian has released new social-media guidelines for staff, including prohibitions against putting scoops on Twitter, criticizing colleagues, and a warning that it’s a bad idea to Tweet “partisan” opinions.

In The Nation, Alex Jen writes about photographer An-My Lê

Electric Literature has a newly translated story by the late Danish author Tove Ditlevsen. “The Cat” was originally published in 1952 and appears in the new English-language collection, The Trouble with Happiness, just published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 

On the Paris Review Daily, an excerpt from Trees: An Anthology of Writings and Paintings by Hermann Hesse: “Everywhere we’ve lived takes on a certain shape in our memory only some time after we leave it. Then it becomes a picture that will remain unchanged.”