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Cory Doctorow lambastes legal threats to his tech blog

Cory Doctorow

The Guardian is spotlighting the “hottest-tipped” debut novelists of 2019.

New Yorker writer Ken Auletta is writing a biography of Harvey Weinstein, and has sold the rights to Penguin Press.

Tech journalist and sci-fi author Cory Doctorow recently wrote on his blog Boing Boing about Bird, a scooter-sharing startup. Doctorow explained how anyone can convert, with some simple mechanical adjustments, the scooters offered by Bird into “personal scooters.” Bird has demanded that Doctorow remove the post immediately, saying that he is telling people how to steal their properrty. But the writer isn’t backing down. He’s posted again, writing, “Bird Scooter tried to censor my Boing Boing post with a legal threat that's so stupid, it's a whole new kind of wrong.”

The poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith is taking her podcast, The Slowdown, to NPR.

Although Samuel Beckett won the Nobel Prize in 1969, newly released papers show that the committee had, in the previous year, expressed “serious concerns about whether his writing was consistent with the spirit of the award.”

At MasterClass, Margaret Atwood is offering an online course in creative writing.