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David Foster Wallace; Arianna Huffington

David Foster Wallace and Jason Segel

‘‘I think let’s start iterating,’’ Arianna Huffington says. ‘‘Let’s not wait for the perfect product.’’ At the New York Times magazine, a look inside how the Huffington Post is run: "It’s as though Huffington is spreading an illness while simultaneously peddling the cure. Call it hypocrisy, but it testifies to her savvy. The business of web media is figuring out what people want — and if what we want is contradictory, why shouldn’t Huffington profit from that contradiction?" A recent Gawker post called the place "essentially Soviet in its functioning. Purges and show trials are common."

If you have time in life to read just one more piece on David Foster Wallace (now being played by Jason Segel in a new film), you should probably make it this one.

As of Monday, the NSA gets to start collecting Americans' phone records in bulk again, only this time they don't have to keep it a secret.

The author of The Car Thief, Theodore Weesner, has died. The New York Times has an obituary that quotes from Weesner's strongly worded letter to the editors of the NYT Book Review (writers take note) in response to a 1987 piece on one of his less well known novels: "I repeat: Your reviewer did not even understand what he read. And you printed it. You break my heart. You owe me much more than an apology.”

The Paris Review is putting up some recordings of conversations with writers ("consider them deleted scenes from our Writers at Work interviews, or directors’ cuts"): This week, it's the poet Czesław Miłosz.