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David Simon on how journalism prepared him for television

David Simon. Photo: Krestine Havermann

John Lithgow will play Roger Ailes in an upcoming movie about the former Fox News head’s sexual harassment scandal. The cast of the still-untitled project also includes Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, and Charlize Theron.

New York Times correspondent Ben Hubbard will now serve as the paper’s Beirut bureau chief.

“In newspapering, you learn how to approach a world that is not your own, process it, and explain it. And to do that quickly,” The Wire creator David Simon says of how his career as a newspaper reporter prepared him for television writing. “Journalism gave me a kind of exoskeleton for maneuvering through the world.”

Entertainment Weekly talks toVox author Christina Dalche about language, politics, and why feminist dystopias are “so hot right now.”

At n+1, Pankaj Mishra and Nikil Saval correspond about the death of V. S. Naipaul and his difficult legacy. “For many aspiring writers from modest backgrounds, in the West as well as in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, he was the first writer who made us think that we, too, had something to say, and that we, too, had an intellectual claim upon the world,” writes Mishra. “He was a great enabler in this sense, starting the under-confident and less resourceful among us off on long journeys.” The pair also reflect on how to resolve this with the problematic aspects of his work—Islamophobia, anti-blackness, and misogyny. “It has taken me some time to come around to feeling in Naipaul what Adorno recognized in Wagner,” Saval writes. “That what is damaged and wounding and reactionary in him is essential, a critical part of the work, not something ancillary or disfiguring.”