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John Oliver

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In a recent episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver had words for publishers using native advertising (i.e., ads that have the appearance of news stories), to bolster revenues. In Oliver’s view, native ads will erode public trust in the media. The comedian specifically targeted The Atlantic, for its much-maligned scientology ad in early 2013, and the New York Times for its watershed “Orange is the New Black” ad back in June of this year.

The Times interviews the “legendarily combative privacy and national security reporter” Glenn Greenwald in Rio de Janeiro, where he lives. The journalist’s house, on a mountain overlooking the city, is protected by a number of large dogs; the Internet often goes out in the frequent rainstorms.

Not unlike the rest of publishing, teen heartthrob magazines have run into hard times. The latest casualty: Bop, with “covers featuring boy band stock photos splashed atop garish fuchsia backdrops since 1983.” For a graveyard of extinct teen magazines, head to The Hairpin.

According to Politico, “it’s the summer of anti-Clinton books"; the Christian Science Monitor wonders whether the anti-Clinton books are “a good sign” for Hillary. The former First Lady and Secretary of State may be poised for a White House run. The cover of her biography, at least, looks quite presidential.