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E.L. Doctorow to receive Library of Congress Prize

David Mitchell

Following the sale of the Canada-based scientific publication Experimental & Clinical Cardiology to New York buyers who turned around and sold it to a group in Switzerland that nobody can seem to identify, the journal is “now publishing anything submitted along with a fee of $1,200, packaging spurious studies as serious scientific papers.”

At the New Yorker, Cambridge classicist Mary Beard responds to her sexist detractors. On Twitter trolls and online commenters: “The more I’ve looked at the details of the threats and the insults that women are on the receiving end of, the more some of them seem to fit into the old patterns of prejudice and assumption.”

For those anticipating Lena Dunham’s memoir, the New Yorker has an excerpt.

You’ll never guess what Facebook’s new algorithm will do to clickbait offenders like Buzzfeed and Upworthy. Click here to find out.

At the National Book Festival, E.L. Doctorow will receive the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction.

At Vulture, Kathryn Schulz profiles David Mitchell: “Mitchell himself views his novels as “chapters in an Über\-book”—which, to one degree or another, he has been writing all along.”