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Édouard Louis on complexity; Julia Cheiffetz starts new imprint at Atria

Édouard Louis

The End of Eddy author Édouard Louis talked to the New York Times about growing up in northern France, finding his place in literature, and the reactions to his newly-translated book, History of Violence. When the book was published in France, some critics felt that the language used by certain characters, particularly Louis’s sister, was unrealistic. “My books are often faulted by bourgeois critics for prejudices that are theirs not mine,” Louis said. “When I write I don’t ask myself whether I’m being kind or cruel but whether what I’m putting down is true or false. I’m not a priest but someone who’s trying to reproduce the complexity of people’s characters.”

HarperCollins executive editor Julia Cheiffetz will be heading her own imprint at Atria. On Twitter, Cheiffetz sought ideas for what to call the still-unnamed imprint—”No esoteric flowers or references to Greek mythology!”

Philosopher Stanley Cavell has died at the age of ninety-one. For more on Cavell, see Mark Greif's 2011 essay in n+1 and a 2010 interview with Joan Richardson in Bookforum.

At Tin House, Elissa Washuta talks to Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession author Alice Bolin about learning from books, myths, and self-doubt. “I have always thought of it as a strength too because as a critic I always doubt myself. I have the strength of my convictions, I know my opinion, but at the same time, I am terrified of being wrong in material ways or not being convincing enough,” Bolin said. “So I’m always the person who has their ducks in a row. I will go back and re-watch my favorite movie that I’ve seen 800 times if I’m going to write about it.”

Former President of Mexico and marijuana legalization advocate Vicente Fox is joiningHigh Times’s board of directors. “Well, I am a soldier, in the sense of being an activist, working for this new future, working to break the paradigm,” Fox said of his new role. “In short, joining together those who believe in this future.”